Tuesday, November 20, 2012

4K Graduation

Beau graduated from 4K in May. His class learned songs to sing that were a "secret" until graduation. His class had made pretend graduation hats that they brought home the day before graduation. He did not want to show it to us, and definitely did not want to wear it! The day of graduation, we stood outside our house and took pictures of Beau with our neighbor, who was in his class. Neither one of them were really that excited about the pics or going to school. I guess they were nervous. Beau told me on the way to school, that he didn't think he needed to go to school on graduation. :( Poor guy. By the time graduation rolled around, he was all smiles. (We have terrible pics of that ceremony from our phones, but we do have it on dvd to always remember it) The entire 4K did an end of year video. On it, the kids had to say what they wanted to be when they grew up. Sweet Beau said he wanted to be a plumber like his daddy. :)

Marching in with his class to the Graduation Song (in the blue vest)

His whole 4K group of kids (3 classes total)

Getting ready to walk up and get his diploma from his teacher Ms. Judy

A blurry picture of his graduation cap. Still handsome!

After graduation, we went to dinner at Pablo's with Nona and Papa. His favorite place to eat dinner. :)